Now more than ever, law firms are facing pressure to reduce third-party risk, control costs and improve operational efficiencies. As a result, executives are seeking meaningful data to drive decisions that will have a significant impact on their firm’s bottom line.

SpendConnect was designed from the ground up by leading procurement professionals to bring sophisticated, consumable analytics to law firms. With an extensive understanding of the unique needs of the legal industry, SpendConnect is a software-enabled service that enriches and solves critical data challenges for clients.

Does your firm have a central repository for third-party contracts that provides proactive alert notifications pertaining to critical renewal and expiration dates?
SpendConnect provides a unique blend of technology and service that provides your firm with the ultimate flexibility and assurance that your contracts are being tracked and managed in a consistent manner, while also linking your contracts to actual annual spending and budgets.

Does your data reside in a multitude of different systems, making it difficult to access and provide expense and budget reports to leadership?
SpendConnect integrates any source of data and allows you to streamline metrics from various systems into a single dashboard. Our team of business intelligence experts create reports for your firm and continuously monitor data patterns to ensure you are able to generate the reports you need to make data-driven business decisions.

Do you have a defined process for managing third-party risk and are you providing timely responses to related client audit requests?
SpendConnect was designed to help guide firms through the third-party management process – from onboarding through to offboarding – the system identifies appropriate risk metrics so that firms can effectively manage each third-party appropriately. SpendConnect’s established workflow process greatly benefits clients that are looking to provide quicker and more thorough responses to audit requests.

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