• Law Dept. Leaders on Integrating Data Into Their Practices
    At the recent ACC Legal Ops Conference,
    HBR’s Scott Springer joined corporate
    legal department operations experts from
    HPE, PG&E and McKesson to discuss
    tips for making the legal department
    more data-friendly. Read more>
  • Law Firm Vendor Management Webinar: Register now!
    Join HBR and Intapp on July 13th for a
    webinar on how to manage law firm
    vendors and learn how innovative
    approaches, supported by new technology,
    enable law firms to address increasingly
    stringent client and industry requirements.
    Click here to register >
  • 2016 Litigation Support Survey
    for Law Firms is Now Open
    Law firm Directors of Litigation Support and e-Discovery Practice Support professionals are invited to participate in our Litigation Support Survey, designed to provide insights on expectations across key areas
    of litigation support. To participate, contact surveys@hbrconsulting.com.
  • HBR named iManage
    Partner of the Year
    HBR Consulting was named iManage
    2015 Partner of the Year, Americas at
    the ConnectLive Users Conference for
    delivering work product management
    solutions to corporate legal departments
    and law firms.
    Read more >
  • 2016 Evolving Libraries Survey for Law Firms is Now Open
    HBR's first Evolving Libraries Survey
    for Law Firms
    is now open for
    participation. This survey is for senior
    members who oversee the library and
    firm stakeholders to whom he/she reports.
    If you're interested to participate, click
    here to register
    or here for more info.
  • Why Law Firms Should Tackle Vendor Governance in 2016
    Clay Fox is featured in Legaltech News
    on why governance is becoming
    increasingly important for law firms
    and tips to implement a formal
    vendor governance strategy.

    Read more >

  • HBR 2016 Contract Flash Survey Report is Now Available
    The 2016 HBR Contract Flash Survey
    is reporting that most corporations see
    significant opportunities for improvement
    related to contract lifecycle management.

    Click Here to Access
    Full Report >

  • How Law Firms Can Manage and Mitigate the Risks of Shadow IT
    Steve Falkin is featured in Legal IT Professionals with an article on
    ways law firms are addressing the
    issue of unsanctioned applications
    and services used outside of IT.

    Read the article >
  • HBR Continues to Reinforce its Operational Expertise
    With promotions of Senior Leaders
    Lauren Chung and Brandon Wright,
    HBR continues to demonstrate
    focus on providing its clients with
    customized and innovative solutions.

    Read the press release >

  • Homegrown Technology Lets Law Firms Focus on Their Strengths
    Chris Ryan is featured in an article in Legaltech News on how law firms are
    leveraging innovative technologies to
    create new ways to become more
    efficient and better service clients.

    Read the article >
  • How the Right Organisation & Technology Can Optimize NBI
    Terry Coan is featured in Legal IT Professionals on what law firms can
    do to boost growth, lower risk and get
    new clients aboard quickly while still
    ensuring they align with strategic and
    financial firm objectives.
    Read the article >
  • IT Security Isn't Just a Tech Issue, It's a Governance Issue
    Terry Coan and Jim Britt are featured
    in Legal IT Professionals with an article
    on why firms need to evolve their
    internal information governance
    policies and procedures alongside supporting technology strategies.
    Read the article >
  • HBR’s CounselCommand Aims to Provide Better Business Decisions
    HBR is featured in Legaltech News on
    how CounselCommand is helping law
    departments improve operations by dis-
    secting data across key criteria, providing powerful insights into a simple format.

    Read the article >
  • Succeeding in Today’s Data Center Landscape
    Peter Cotseones' latest blog post
    focuses on key spending trends
    happening today in the data industry
    to help firms make the most of their
    IT strategy investments.

    Read the blog >
  • 5 Keys to Managing Telecommunications Expenses
    David Cram talks about the steps firms need to take in building a “Center of Excellence” around telecom invoice
    review, validation and overall category

    Read more >


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