While job change is a reality in every profession, the legal industry faces a unique set of conflicts that can arise during lateral hires and team transitions. HBR Pathway was designed to address these challenges.

HBR Pathway is an information governance utility that helps data security teams quickly and accurately eliminate conflicts when their firms undergo a merger or bring on new hires. For records, information governance and conflicts personnel, it is critical to understand exactly what electronic assets lawyers can and cannot take to a new firm.

Traditional data migration processes are slow because they involve manual review of client and matter folders, and exporting individual documents and workspaces. Pathway significantly expedites the onboarding and offboarding process by easily importing and exporting documents from leading DMS systems like iManage and NetDocuments, and tagging them to eliminate potential conflicts.

Further, Pathway is backed by HBR Consulting’s experienced Records team who can provide best practices for setting up policies and ensuring quick and conflict-free transitions.