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The law firm of the future

HBR serves large and mid-sized law firms, ranging from the world’s largest global, full-service firms to mid-sized regional and specialty firms. In a rapidly changing global environment and legal industry, they all face the challenges of rising competition, increasing client expectations, and the need to differentiate themselves in the market.  

The law firm of the future is able to flexibly adapt to industry changes and differentiate itself in the market by delivering greater value to its clients. Our law firm clients are working to capitalize on the accelerating changes in the legal industry and embrace innovative initiatives related to how they work, how they deliver services, and how they manage their underlying support functions—and to align with their clients’ expectations of the law firm of the future.

HBR helps firms address current challenges with an eye toward becoming law firms of the future by providing strategic guidance, operational improvement, and technology solutions that drive innovation while managing cost and mitigating risk. We have tailored offerings for large and mid-sized firms in the following interrelated areas:

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