Law Departments

The law department of the future

HBR’s law department clients span a wide range of industries and sizes,  from large law departments that look to drive increased efficiency and effectiveness in support of their business clients, to smaller organizations looking for ways to scale in order to support the needs of their growing businesses.

Regardless of industry or size, corporate law departments are more critical than ever to their organizations’ strategic growth and direction, given our world of global expansion, regulatory complexity, and constant change. At the same time, they face increasing demand for legal services and pressure to improve efficiency, often without a commensurate increase in resources.

HBR’s clients are seizing the opportunity to address the challenges of today while maintaining their focus on the future—they seek to become “law departments of the future,” agile, value-centric, and technology-enabled, supported by a strong legal operations foundation.

HBR helps law department leaders assess and transform their departments, driving increased operational maturity to deliver greater value to the business and align with the needs of the law department of the future. We provide strategic guidance, operational improvement, and technology solutions that drive innovation while managing cost and mitigating risk in the following interrelated areas:

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