Vendor Management + Expense Optimization

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A pressing need for procurement agility and vendor governance

Increased competition and demands from clients mean that legal organizations must provide more value both internally and to clients. At the same time, organizations face increased vendor-related risks. As cost controls become the focus of leadership, procurement functions must more effectively manage expenses, while maintaining flexibility in an ever-changing global environment. Strong vendor governance accomplishes those goals and can also help promote the organization’s CSR policies.

Optimizing expenses while mitigating vendor risk

HBR is the vendor governance function for the legal sector. Our solutions include expense management initiatives on a project basis, as well as providing persistent procurement support. We conduct assessments to determine solutions tailored to our clients’ environments and goals. From there, we provide services based on those needs, from expert strategic sourcing based on benchmarking and analytics to business intelligence dashboards to assist in the procurement management process to a range of managed services from individual components to managing the entire procurement function.


Vendor Governance Assessment

Assessment of all aspects of firm vendor governance including:

  • Organization, leadership, program management, and use of technology
  • Risk and relationship management
  • Contract review and administration
  • Expense management

Strategic Sourcing Savings Assessment

Assessment of firm savings and demand reduction opportunities:

  • Based on HBR proprietary benchmarks
  • Leveraging subject matter experts who negotiate with 100+ key firm vendors every day
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Operations + Technology

Vendor Governance Process Improvement

Strategic Sourcing

Group Purchasing

Spend Analytics and Contract Management

Procurement/Vendor Governance Managed Services

  • Contract review
  • Risk management
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Full procurement function

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