Utilization + Adoption Dashboard

Gain visibility into use and adoption of your legal technology

The Utilization and Adoption Dashboard (UAD) is designed to help you get the most out of your investment in your technology. The UAD ingests logs from software applications and compares them to your employee roster to provide insights into who is using what solutions and when.

With UAD, you’ll:

Know which solutions are crucial and which are underused

  • Translate dense log information into an easy-to-use, interactive dashboard
  • Track which individuals and teams are using software and how much, to understand usage patterns and gaps

Target training opportunities

  • Identify the need for additional training when applications are being underused
  • Track the impact and value of solution training efforts

Identify risks and improve compliance

  • Recognize opportunities to correct behaviors when solutions aren’t used or are misused
  • Uncover the potential for shadow IT that is supplanting an approved solution

Translate log data into actionable information and insights

Demonstrate the ROI of your tech and training investments

The UAD synthesizes adoption metrics so you understand how to maximize the usage of each component of your technology.

Contact us to learn how the UAD can help you optimize your technology and training spend, improve your compliance, and reduce risk.

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