Improve vendor contract management, gain visibility into your spend, and reduce risk with SpendConnect

SpendConnect is an easy-to-use self-service analytics solution that coordinates all of your law firm’s vendor information, regardless of its source, into a single repository.

With SpendConnect, you’ll:

Control costs by understanding how much you spend with every vendor

  • Classify spend into categories that improve visibility and deliver insights
  • Run effortless queries to put budget and spend data at your fingertips
  • Monitor spend in real time and identify opportunities for cost savings
  • Spend less time compiling and sorting information and more time on analysis

Improve compliance and vendor management with a centralized contract repository

  • Monitor key dates such as renewals and expirations
  • Use proactive alerts to ensure compliance with contract terms
  • Find any contract in seconds because documents aren’t scattered across network shares, personal folders, and email

Track vendor details and gather information rapidly

  • Respond quickly to audit requests and other inquiries about third parties
  • Generate detailed custom reports to share with clients regarding vendor diversity, performance, and more
  • Identify and respond to data trends and patterns quickly and easily


vendor contracts managed for our clients


in expense data reviewed annually

SpendConnect delivers the visibility you need to accelerate decision-making and protect your bottom line.

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