Streamline matter mobility with new hires and mergers and acquisitions, as well as when moving internal legacy documents

Pathway is an information governance utility that helps records and IT teams to quickly transfer matter documents when law firms hire new lawyers, have lateral departures to other firms, or undergo a merger. Pathway expedites matter mobility by allowing semi-automated bulk imports and exports to and from your legal document management system, while allowing the preservation of folders and meta-data. Pathway export allows a quick review of the candidate export set against firm IG rules so only appropriate documents are included in the final export. By allowing end-users and power users to selectively and rapidly import existing documents from local or network drives to the correct location in the document management system, Pathway also enhances user adoption of the DMS, reducing risk of breaches and data leakage.

With Pathway, you’ll:

Import documents effortlessly

  • Import documents into your document management system in bulk while matching your firm’s naming conventions and applying appropriate meta-data
  • Schedule batches of imports as required

Export documents with ease

  • Export documents in bulk flexibly and easily with an in-line review of the candidate export set, without having to manually sift through files folder by folder to review compliance with firm IG rules
  • Map document metadata attributes for added functionality

Accelerate legacy document migration

  • Access Pathway from anywhere through a browser utility rather than deploying to individual laptops
  • Import and export documents based on rules and filters to ensure you only bring in cleared documents while excluding files that could create a conflict

Detailed reporting on all imported, exported, or excluded files and their metadata

Backed by our experienced information governance team, who can offer best practices for setting up policies

Pathway makes it easy for your law firm to manage matter mobility and enhance user adoption.

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