iManage Add-Ons

HBR Consulting is one of the leading providers of add-on software for iManage users looking to enhance the ROI on their document and records management software suites. These products extend the existing functionality for an office with more specific needs. In addition, HBR can develop customized applications and integrations for a variety of document management and workflow of products.

AutoDelete for Worksite

This utility deletes documents automatically from a WorkSite database. The command line utility places all profile information in a log prior to the purging of documents. Document deletion is fully configurable based on any custom field criteria, i.e. delete all documents which have a Document Class of DELETE.

AutoDelete also supports a configurable grace period. This requires documents to remain for a specific number of days before being automatically deleted. This ensures that the files are backed up prior to removal.

Desktop Importer

This popular utility can be used by administrators or end users to mass import documents into iManage WorkSite from a directory structure. Once a directory is selected, the entire directory and sub-directories are brought into a “spreadsheet” view. Each column in the “spreadsheet” represents a WorkSite field. Fields can be filled out by column, sub-directory or individually. Look-ups link back to the WorkSite database for verification of field values.

Once the fields are filled out, the program imports all documents into WorkSite, automatically creating the profiles. In addition, the existing directory structure can be automatically created as folders inside of WorkSite. Once imported, the files are deleted, moved, or the extension is changed depending on the customizable settings.

Document Unlock

The Document Unlock utility will allow non-administrative users the ability to “unlock” documents that they do not have full rights to. This is an ideal solution for help desk personnel who currently have no method of unlocking a document to which they do not have full access. With Document Unlock, non-administrative users will have the ability to unlock documents by right clicking on the document, or, if they have no access to a document, are able to choose a database, document number, and version.


i-Integrate allows for the integration of internet file uploading from iManage WorkSite. Previously, file uploading or ‘e-filing’ was done from the individual workstation (“C drive”) or from network file shares. Because this is done in an ad hoc manner, there is no audit trail or history record to ensure that the e-filing actually occurred. When the document existed in WorkSite, the end-user needed to export the document to some location and then navigate to that location when doing the upload; a cumbersome and non audited process.

With i-Integrate this upload process is done directly from the DMS. This reduces the labor involved with e-filing and ensures that a record is created in the DMS that indicates the document has been uploaded.

The necessary data for each integrated website is maintained in an “ini” file that is managed by an administration module. The .ini file can be administrated on each workstation or be globally stored on a central file share. A light client side executable also needs to be loaded on each workstation and the path to the executable needs to be placed in the startup directory. The i-Integrate application will intercept the file browse function of the chosen websites listed in the “ini” file and present the user with WorkSite search dialog. End-users then choose files to upload directly from returned search results. An entry is made in the document history listing the upload location.

i-Integrate technology also allows for the capture of file open/file save dialogs from most 32-bit client applications.

The Wall

This product provides ethical screen protection for your WorkSite system. The Wall allows for unlimited protection by client/matter (Custom1/Custom2).

This system allows you to deny or grant access to users or groups based on a custom field value while supporting an unlimited number of databases. The Wall server component runs as a service on Windows.

There are two primary components to the system:

  • Service which modifies access rights in WorkSite as documents are created or modified.
  • WallView is an application which is run by an administrator to control access rights based on field values in WorkSite.

Workspace Helper

Workspace Helper allows for the global modification of workspaces based upon either xml or web-based templates. Tabs, search and document folders can be added, updated or deleted. Updating pre-existing objects may include reapplying security and/or profile data. The option exists to reapply profile data from the folder to all contained documents.

Workspace Helper is not a workspace engine. It is assumed that this application will be used in conjunction with the Interwoven Workspace Generator.

In addition, Workspace Helper allows for the mapping between pre-existing folders. For instance, if a decision is made by a firm that a particular folder is redundant it can decide to delete this folder and move the contents of this folder to another folder. The contents will be refilled and, assuming that all contents were successfully migrated, the original folder will be deleted.

Lastly, Workspace Helper can run in silent mode with a configuration file as a command-line parameter. This is one of the most powerful features of Workspace Helper. Workspace Helper reads a data file and, for each row, searches for a workspace and applies profile data (name, description, owner and all custom fields are available) and template structure to that workspace. This is an ideal solution to a situation where there are frequent accounting modifications to client-matter entities.

Scheduled jobs can be created which automatically monitor for updates to client matter data in accounting databases. This data is extracted, written to the appropriate file and Workspace Helper applies the new template structure the workspace associated with this client-matter. No human intervention is required.

DocuSign Integration

Before DocuSign to iManage Integration there was no easy method to leverage the security and convenience of the iManage Work DMS when working with DocuSign, the popular provider of electronic signature technology and Digital Transaction Management services. End-users would have to export their documents to their workstation and then upload these files to the website; an error-prone and tedious procedure. With the DocuSign integration utility, end-users are able to publish and check-in documents directly from DeskSite/FileSite; thus, creating a seamless and secure workflow which will enhance worker productivity and confidence in the integrity of their electronic collaborations.


The i-Export Utility for WorkSite allows the user to export documents with or without a folder structure, to a specified location. This utility:

  • Supports workspaces, tabs, document folders, and search folders. User can also export documents using a search profile.
  • Supports right-click from within FileSite/DeskSite for selection of documents, folders, or workspaces to export.


SendTo_iManage allows importing of files from Windows Explorer. There is no longer a need to create a profile for each imported document and manually import. After right-clicking on a file, the iManage enhanced File SaveAs dialog is displayed.

The end-user simply chooses a workspace/document folder by either searching or navigating to their Matter Worklist. The first file is imported into the folder. Each subsequent file will inherit the profile values and security of the initial file and will be linked to the chosen document folder.

SendTo_iManage can be used on an ad-hoc basis or can be used to import an entire file share.