IG Gateway

Put your retention policies into practice and align your enterprise data classification initiatives

HBR’s IG Gateway is a web-based retention schedule publishing platform that allows you to quickly and easily identify retention and disposition requirements for your record and non-record content. With IG Gateway, users can engage in other information governance activities including content placement and data classification. Link key content types to storage repositories, owners, and other classification standards to support eDiscovery and legal hold, information security, and data privacy-related activities.

With IG Gateway, you’ll:

Increase retention schedule adoption through online, interactive access

  • Find retention rules by keyword or browse through relevant functions, record classes, types, or examples​
  • Create customized glossaries and FAQs to address program terminology and common user questions
  • Save personal favorites and track recent activity​

Actively support ongoing IG/RIM program and schedule maintenance

  • Embed program-specific documentation or external links to relevant policies, procedures, training materials, etc.
  • Submit, review, and approve changes to the retention schedule through built-in workflows
  • Provide customized access for legal users to linked citations and regulatory research

Drive implementation through content, repository, and classification standards mapping

  • Facilitate content placement and data mapping and classification activities​
  • Link key content types to storage repositories and owners​
  • Align retention rules with other classification standards to support eDiscovery and legal hold, information security, and data privacy related initiatives​

Improved coordination of data classification activities across your enterprise​

Backed by our experienced IG team, offering best practice implementation advice and ongoing legal research support

IG Gateway makes it easy for your organization to put retention policies into practice.

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