DLP Tagger

Prevent document and data leakage

DLP Tagger is a data loss prevention utility for law firms that integrates with your current software and systems to prevent data loss. Once set up, DLP Tagger tags every document with a client and matter number, then tracks those documents to prevent them from being sent to recipients outside your firm, whether maliciously or unintentionally.

With DLP Tagger, you’ll:

Stop worrying about sending client data outside your firm

  • Tag every document with meaningful metadata, including client, matter, author, and document type
  • Close the gap created by traditional data loss prevention solutions, which rely on personally identifiable information or account numbers that may not appear in each document
  • Create and apply custom tag sets or filter to apply tags only for specific clients or workspaces

Automate document and data security

  • Set up and configure DLP Tagger in one step
  • Update file metadata continuously and nearly instantaneously
  • Integrate with industry-leading document management systems and end-point solutions
  • Block attempts to send protected client documents to external recipients—automatically and without additional inputs

Comply with client-driven data security requirements

  • Address strict data security requirements of outside counsel guidelines
  • Satisfy financial and other regulatory clients with stringent data protection needs

Increase the defensibility of your data security measures

Trusted by firms in the Am Law 20 and beyond

DLP Tagger is designed to prevent data breaches and protect your law firm’s reputation.

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