Unlock the value of your law department data through a centralized command center of expert resources and technology

HBR’s CounselCommand service offering enables law departments to manage costs, reduce risks, and accelerate business decision-making. Our clients leverage HBR’s team of legal spend and operations experts, combined with a proprietary and tailored analytics dashboard, to put all of your law department’s data at your fingertips. The CounselCommand team extends your department’s analytics capabilities, bringing an enterprise analytics solution to life.

With CounselCommand, you’ll:


Reduce costs and headaches

  • Aggregate data from multiple systems, including legal, financial, HR, and more, regardless of format
  • Improve data quality with expertly cleaned, filtered, and curated source data, unlike with DIY offerings
  • Corral and manipulate data easily, reducing reliance on overextended IT resources or expensive experts
  • Maximize your investment in existing legal systems, including billing and enterprise legal management solutions

Get answers to pressing questions about operations and strategy

  • Make sense of data stored in different systems, both inside and outside the law department
  • Interrogate data continually for real-time business intelligence
  • Interpret data and tell a story with easy-to-understand visuals
  • Compare your department’s performance against industry benchmarks
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Turn data into action

  • Discover opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Assess your progress against strategic, financial, and operational goals and HBR benchmarks
  • Make more strategic decisions across the department
  • Enable proactive, intelligent decision making informed by visuals that illustrate the story behind your data

$2.3 Billion

in annual legal spending managed through the CounselCommand platform

30+ systems

from which CounselCommand
has aggregated data

The CounselCommand service puts you in command of all of the data in your department.

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