CloudPing is a unique monitoring and support tool thatcontinuously monitors the health and performance of DMS platforms running on your network or in a data center.

IT support teams within law firms and corporate legal departments require consistent oversight into the health and performance of their document management systems (DMS), as well as the ability to anticipate and prevent issues, support calls and downtime. CloudPing works by stealth filing documents and monitoring file and search performance, as well as idol latency. This novel approach is superior to existing server-based systems that waste time troubleshooting past issues or reactively dealing with support tickets to identify root cause. By employing user-based monitoring to act as uptime insurance for core DMS systems, IT and application support teams significantly improve productivity and reduce support tickets.

Technical features:

Emulate and track performance through the eyes of the application user via local agents

Emulate day-to-day user activities via pre-built components

  • File performance – file activity monitoring (open, close, saving documents)
  • Search performance – conduct random searches on keywords configured to match user patterns
  • IDOL latency – monitor length of time to submit random documents and track queue lengths

Unlimited email alerts when performance thresholds are exceeded


vendor contracts managed for our clients


in expense data reviewed annually

CloudPing will ultimately help improve lawyer satisfaction by accelerating filing time and proactively addressing issues before they arise. 

Get out in front of DMS slowdowns with an innovative tool designed by legal experts.

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