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Flexible, purpose-built software solutions to meet our clients critical needs.

HBR creates powerful, efficient software solutions that meet the legal industry’s critical business needs, including managing spend, improving workflows, and reducing costs. We understand how law firms and law departments operate and where rigid legacy solutions no longer work effectively.

Our solutions

  • Integrate with your organization’s current processes
  • Boost the effectiveness of your existing technology
  • Fill critical gaps to save time
  • Reduce risks
  • Improve compliance

Explore HBR’s software solutions


Simplify law department management with a single source of truth for analytics across the department, including operations, budgeting, outside counsel management, e-Discovery, and more.

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Facilitate collaboration between law firms and law departments to ensure compliance with client documents and obligations, such as outside counsel guidelines.

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DLP Tagger

Prevent data loss and avoid sharing sensitive information outside your network by tagging documents with custom and searchable attributes, such as client and matter numbers.

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IG Gateway

Put your retention policies into practice and align your enterprise data classification initiatives

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Expedite onboarding and offboarding, improve compliance with information governance policies, and avoid conflicts of interest by tagging electronic assets for import and export.

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Streamline vendor management by tracking contract renewal and expiration dates, evaluating spend, and monitoring risk.

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Utilization + Adoption Dashboard

Track, manage, and promote adoption of a range of applications, including document management, matter management, e-billing, and more.

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