Library/Research + Information Services

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Uncover and maximize the librarys untapped value

As the legal industry undergoes unprecedented change, organizations have an opportunity to reexamine the law library in tandem with other areas of operations – not only to manage cost and efficiency, but also to explore how best to utilize the skills of the library’s highly trained professionals. HBR helps law libraries maximize their value and focus on services that provide increased strategic value to their organizations and the organizations’ clients.

Expert support across all law library operational functions

HBR’s 30+ law library professionals provide strategic assessments and analytics insights, as well as a variety of managed services ranging from individual components to the entire library function, to help manage library expenses, operations, content, and research.


Strategic leadership

Strategic plans and recommendations regarding people, process, products, and services


Benchmarking + Legal Information Services Survey (BLISS)

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Operations + Technology

Managed services

  • Expense management
  • Library operations
    • Invoice processing
    • Retrieval services
    • Password management
  • Research
  • Full library function

Analytics insights

Insights regarding budget, utilization and more

HBR Enabling Software


The SpendConnect library module is specifically tailored to managing library expenses and content agreements.
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HOLMES (Highspeed Online Library Management Extranet System) is a cutting-edge library management solution in the cloud ready to disrupt the industry with its unique set of features and easy customizability.

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