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Responding to market pressures andincreasing client expectations

Both law departments and law firms face increasing client expectations and market pressure. Law departments see growing legal demand but are asked to do more with less, often without equivalent increases in resources. Law firms must differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market where clients expect greater value. And both law departments and law firms face the challenges—and opportunities—of the rapidly changing legal industry. To meet and get ahead of these challenges, it is critical for law departments and law firms to examine their operations and service delivery with a fresh perspective focused on maximizing value and achieving optimal performance in support of broader, strategic organizational and client goals.

Service delivery transformation to efficiently and cost-effectively provide client-focused, differentiated value

HBR helps law firms and law departments undergo transformational change and modernize the delivery of legal services by identifying organizational and operational efficiency through the alignment of people, process, and technology and by leveraging data to create new ways of working. With HBR’s guidance, they are able to clarify their operational strategy and legal innovation strategy for more lasting impact. They optimize their organization and processes for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness, leveraging HBR as an extension of the operations team as needed. They develop and act on meaningful insights based on external benchmarking and on analysis of their internal data, as relates to their business and practice operations and service delivery, yielding streamlined operations and competitive advantage and positioning themselves for future success.


Industry Benchmarking

  • HBR Law Department Survey
  • Custom benchmarking

Organizational Assessment + Strategy

  • Legal operations
  • Law firm practice optimization

Legal Services Delivery Strategic Innovation 

  • Innovation process, prioritization + governance
  • Product analysis, planning + go-to-market solutions
  • Organizational planning and development

Data Strategy + Data Management

Pre- and Post-merger Assessments

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Operations + Technology

Internal Resource Optimization 

  • Organizational design, structure + staffing
  • Work analysis + optimization

Outside Counsel Management

For law departments

Process Improvement

  • Contract management
  • Intake and workflow
  • Work process alignment

Knowledge Management

  • Framework
  • Process + technology implementation

Spend Analysis + Cost Savings

Data, AI, + Analytics Design and Implementation 

  • Spend and operations data + analytics
  • Advanced analytics for specific needs

Identification, Optimization, and Implementation of Legal Technology

In support of business + legal operations

Legal Operations Managed Services 

  • Discrete projects
  • Day-to-day operations + technology support

Post-Merger Operations Integration

HBR Enabling Software


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