A scalable business model that increases efficiencies and service level while lowering costs and mitigating risks.

Across today’s legal ecosystem, cost pressures, new competitors, evolving workforce dynamics and emerging technology are pushing law firms to strategically reexamine and transform operational support in a way that places a greater emphasis and value on client-facing activities. Regardless of size, most law firms face the same technology demands, regulatory pressure and client service expectations. As competition intensifies, firms are challenged to keep pace with the evolution of technology, while addressing end users’ and clients’ expanding technology needs.

Forward-thinking law firms are partnering with HBR to leverage our unique service model that combines technology and centers of excellence to achieve efficiency, flexibility and scale to improve service and control costs. This allows firms to refocus on core competencies and align business strategies, talent and resources to truly differentiate in a hyper-competitive market.

Benefits of HBR’s technology managed services:

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