The Law Firm IT Opportunity

Many law firms are discovering a hard truth: they simply do not have the resources to invest at the scale necessary to keep pace with their growing technology needs and to close the gap opened up by the largest firms with the deepest pockets.

At the same time, this dynamic also presents an opportunity for law firm IT leaders. By focusing a law firm’s technology investments and sourcing decisions in a way that aligns with the overall business strategy of the firm, the IT function can be an engine of growth. A more focused IT organization can help emerging practice areas win more business, assist lawyers with better engaging their clients, drive operational efficiencies across various practice groups, and improve the firm’s competitiveness in the marketplace.

A growing number of law firms are concluding that by leveraging managed services partnerships to handle their firms’ IT infrastructure needs, they can improve infrastructure stability, technology support, data security and disaster recovery, all while achieving significant cost-efficiencies. This creates capacity for them to focus on revenue-supporting activities.

How HBR Consulting Can Help

There are two modes that comprise the IT function at most law firms:

  1. Technology infrastructure and operations
  2. Legal practice and user experience

HBR Consulting’s IT Managed Services offering allows a law firm to outsource some or all of the critical technology infrastructure and IT operations so the firm can create the necessary focus to successfully tackle more complex initiatives related to the practice of law and user experience.

Our IT Managed Services team provides the following services:

We are the legal market leader in IT managed services. HBR operates 12 Tier III global data centers, supports more than 46,000 end users, hosts more than 25 petabytes of legal data on 2,500 servers, and has more than $8 billion in law firm technology spending under management covered by 35,000 vendor contracts.

Our IT Managed Services clients have experienced substantial benefits from partnering with HBR for their technology infrastructure and operations needs, including:

  • Service stability – guaranteed uptime and availability
  • Reliability – disaster recovery and security protocols
  • Responsiveness – extended support hours and access to high-level experts
  • Cost-efficiency – ability to achieve economies of scale
  • Rapid response to changing market conditions – continuous maintenance and upgrades of all technologies
  • SLA-backed 24x7x365 monitoring of IT operations and IT security – best-of-breed IT service management, monitoring and threat detection platforms

Connect with our experts

The core competency of successful law firms is to serve the legal needs of their clients. They use technology to help their lawyers deliver services and to operate their firms more efficiently, but they recognize they are not in the IT business. Connect with our experts to learn more about how HBR Consulting’s IT Managed Services can provide the technology infrastructure and services needed for day-to-day operations, enabling your law firm IT function to focus on what propels the business forward.

Chris Petrini-Poli
Executive Chairman

Matt Gillis
President, Managed Services