Managed Services


Flexible and scalable managed services allowing legal organizations to emphasize client-facing services.

In an increasingly complex and competitive market, it is essential that law firm and law department leaders concentrate on strategic, client-focused services to achieve a competitive edge. Yet an abundance of critical operational responsibilities and functional processes can detract attention from key priorities. Many leading organizations partner with HBR for managed services tailored for operational improvement. We offer a range of managed services, from packaged solutions + capabilities to full managed services, to achieve efficiency, flexibility, and scale, improving service and controlling costs so legal organizations can focus on what matters most: their clients.

HBR’s managed services provide flexibility that allows organizations to:

Increase efficiencies + agility
Scale as needs increase
Establish predictability + service stability
Mitigate risk + control costs
Maximize talent + leverage core competencies

Explore HBR’s managed services

Business + Legal Operations

Free staff time for other work by leveraging HBR’s legal operations managed services as an extension of your operations team.

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Law Firm IT

Align the IT function with the overall business strategy of the firm and keep up with technology needs with HBR’s IT managed services, from select functions such as user support or network operations center (NOC) services, to the firm’s full IT infrastructure.

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Legal Technology

HBR’s application managed services provide full application lifecycle support. We design and build; transform and deploy; train and support; and optimize and drive adoption.

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Library/Research + Information Services

Maximize library value with HBR’s managed services ranging from individual components to the entire library function.

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Vendor Management + Expense Optimization

Manage expenses and mitigate vendor risk with HBR’s range of managed services, up to and including the entire procurement function.

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