In an increasingly complex and competitive market, it is essential that leaders focus on strategic, client-focused services to achieve a competitive edge. Yet an abundance of critical operational responsibilities can hinder organizations from focusing on key priorities. So how can leaders pursue operational efficiencies without sacrificing client service, time and resources?

Organizations partner with HBR to achieve turnkey managed services that are tailored to operational improvement. Our unique service model allows organizations to combine technology and centers of excellence to achieve efficiency, flexibility and scale to improve service and control costs so that they can focus on what matters most, their clients.

HBR’s managed services provide flexibility and scalability that allow organizations to:

Increase efficiencies + agility. By leveraging subject matter experts, organizations decrease training and recruiting costs and benefit from ongoing access to competitive market intelligence, industry best practices and a scalable staffing and technology model that is equipped to handle rapidly changing business and client environments.

Establish predictability + service stability. Working directly with experts to implement time-tested, proven processes benefits organizations by providing predictability in service and costs. Regardless of market conditions, HBR managed services ensures stability across staffing, service and costs.

Mitigate risk + control costs. By reducing the number of service providers and leveraging technology-enabled solutions, organizations benefit from optimal buying power and reduced third-party risk. Furthermore, organizations benefit from the transference of risks associated with deploying and managing operational activities to a managed services provider.

Maximize talent + leverage core competencies. Gaining access to specialized skillsets across information governance, procurement, vendor negotiation, legal research and technology, allows organizations to maximize internal resources and focus on client-valued services. Our managed service model enhances the career paths of internal operational professionals and provides new professional opportunities that extend beyond a traditional firm or corporate environment.

HBR’s managed services include: