Surveys + Benchmarks

Surveys + Benchmarks

2021 Benchmarking + Legal Information Services Survey (BLISS) Key Takeaways

While 2020 was a year of ‘reacting’ to change, 2021 needs to be a year of ‘rethinking’ change.

2022 Law Department Survey

The annual HBR Law Department Survey is the premier source of benchmarking data used by general counsel and legal operations leaders. Benchmarks are available by industry, revenue, law department size, and geography.

2020 Benchmarking + Legal Information Services Survey (BLISS) Key Takeaways

The remote work environment necessitated by COVID forced law firm libraries to rethink the way they work, the services they provide, and their resource collections.

2019 Law Firm Procurement Survey

The annual survey is designed to equip procurement leaders, along with firm leaders, with a point of reference for advancing and elevating the role of procurement and an industry-focused baseline to benchmark against their peers through year-over-year survey data analysis.

2019 Law Department Analytics Survey

Corporate law departments are increasingly embracing data science as a strategic lever for more effectively measuring, managing and reporting on their business performance.

2018 Law Firm Business Acceptance Survey

Business acceptance practices have become more complex and strategic over the past several years as departments have evolved from back office, risk management functions to vital, strategic partners to the organizations they support.

2018 Law Firm Evolving Libraries Survey

HBR Consulting's Law Firm Evolving Libraries Survey was designed to gain insights into emerging trends across law library staff, resources, technology and services.

2018 Law Department AI Survey

AI holds the promise of providing intelligent tools and problem-solving resources to transform the delivery of legal services.