Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young LLP (HPTY), a 160+ attorney litigation firm in 10 domestic office locations, outsources the Firm’s library services to HBR Consulting (HBR). By having direct access to HBR’s Research and Information Services (RIS) team, HPTY benefits from high-value expertise and is able to deliver an industry-leading content strategy at the right price for the Firm. Furthermore, working with HBR on a vendor consolidation project resulted in six figure savings for the Firm.



HPTY had numerous online research platforms in place and engaged HBR experts to consolidate vendor services to increase efficiencies and decrease costs. HBR consultants assisted with online-research negotiations, as well as strategically removing duplicative content, securing best-in-class content and developing innovative research platforms to optimize attorney workflow and preserve user preferences.



HPTY endeavored to deliver an industry-leading content strategy by consolidating vendors to achieve:

  • Best-in-class content. HBR’s RIS team leverages utilization analytics and subject matter expertise to ensure all practice areas’ needs are met.
  • The industry’s most competitive rates. RIS’s depth of experience combined with HBR’s market share delivers a powerful negotiating position and combined strategy.
  • Optimal utilization. HBR’s proprietary technology, SpendConnect, is implemented to monitor lawyer utilization and provide actionable analytics to optimize content selection.



HBR leveraged proprietary technology, SpendConnect, a software-enabled service that increases visibility into data and analytics. This helped ensure that content selection was optimized, a central component of the vendor consolidation project.

HBR appropriately aligned all content to ensure it met the needs of all practice groups, as well as several niche practices that required expert curation to determine valuable content replacement sources. HBR’s team of experts also led negotiations with the newly selected vendor and provided a structure for change management to ensure the Firm’s lawyers were best served by the change. As a result, HPTY achieved best-in-class, relevant content — at the industry’s most competitive rates. Total savings were in the six-figures.


Results + Benefits

HPTY benefits from having HBR experts guide content selection and procurement to ensure optimal results, increased cost savings and successful change management strategies where needed. HPTY gains the following benefits:

Industry-leading library services. The Firm’s content strategy is best-inclass and is optimally aligned with the Firm’s overall, competitive strategy.

Optimized content. SpendConnect utilization analytics provide the accurate and easy-to-access data for decision-making and continue to inform leadership of the value of their investments.

Change management. HBR provided a seamless structure to guide HPTY’s lawyers through the new SpendConnect platform and help users acclimate to workflow changes.

Significant and ongoing savings. The vendor consolidation project achieved six-figure savings. Continuous monitoring helps HBR identify unnecessary vendor costs and renegotiate for better prices and services, quickly improving the Firm’s bottom line.

“While we are pleased with the six-figure savings we achieved, we are even more pleased with the expertise that our Firm now receives on a daily basis. When you bring in a savvy team of people with passion and knowledge like the HBR RIS team, that passion and knowledge infiltrate the entire organization. HBR adds value to our operations—they are a tremendous resource,” said Erin Cowin, Human Resources at HPTY.

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