As market pressures continue to increase, organizations are transforming the way they think about operational efficiency. The most successful organizations are identifying opportunities that extend well beyond simply managing costs. By pursuing strategies that are increasing value for clients, shareholders and internal stakeholders, organizations are able to streamline operational processes and affect the bottom-line, while mitigating risks.

Clients partner with HBR to leverage our expertise in operational strategy and effectiveness, and to benefit from insights and technology-supported analytics that lead to data-driven business decisions. By re-designing fundamental approaches to people, process, technology, culture and metrics, HBR transforms businesses.

As a results-driven company, we solve critical operational challenges by assessing:

Efficiency + process design. Assessments leverage industry-specific analytics and benchmarks to provide process enhancements supported by technology. We partner with clients to identify opportunities to increase efficiencies, develop an actionable and sustainable strategy, generate internal consensus, and support change management initiatives.

Risk + policy framework. A unique approach to process design takes into account people, culture and business objectives, while considering key risk factors. Specific processes are enhanced through the development of clear policies and guidelines, which help organizations mitigate risk and increase clarity and transparency around roles and responsibilities.

Support + technology alignment. HBR’s team of operational improvement professionals and skilled technology experts provide clients with data-driven insights into the current and future state of their organization. We provide leading technology platforms – inclusive of design, migration, implementation and adoption – while taking into consideration how existing staff and systems can be leveraged or enhanced to support future processes.

HBR’s advisory services include: