Scott Springer

Managing Director

Scott serves as a managing director in the Advisory business at HBR Consulting (HBR). Scott manages HBR’s software solutions, including SpendConnect, CounselCommand, CounselGuide, and a suite of information governance solutions. HBR’s software solutions are driven by client needs, and Scott works closely with HBR’s practice groups to design solutions that reduce risk, identify cost savings opportunities, and improve controls, all while fostering enhanced user collaboration. Among the solutions Scott oversees are the market share leading contract management solution for law firm vendor-based agreements and law firm spend analytics solutions managing over $18B in annual spend.

With multi-industry clients across the U.S. and Europe, Scott’s expertise in expense reduction strategies, enhanced use of technology, and custom reporting solutions generates long-term, sustainable results. Prior to joining HBR, Scott was instrumental in building the Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Solutions practice as a director at Huron Consulting Group.

At different points in his youth, Scott was both a state champion golfer and swimmer.

Expertise: Data + Analytics / Procurement + Third-Party Risk Management

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