We now live in a world where data leaks are common topics in news headlines. Organizations must continually seek out technology solutions to keep pace with increasing security demands.

In law firms, one of the most important requirements that information security executives and IT buyers must comply with is client-directed rules to prevent data leakage. Unfortunately, traditional data loss prevention (DLP) solutions are inflexible and often fall short of this goal by relying on document metadata that may not exist or is not detailed enough.

HBR DLP Tagger is a data loss prevention utility specifically designed to make existing systems more powerful and effective at preventing data leakage. As a flexible, configurable and lightweight add-on, DLP Tagger works seamlessly with existing systems. The utility is unique in its ability to integrate with document management systems (DMS) and automatically tag documents with custom and searchable attributes, such as client and matter numbers.

Setup is simple – a one-time configuration and then let it run. With DLP Tagger, you can reduce the risk of data leaks and prevent documents from unexpectedly being sent outside your network.