The only expert-led, tech-enabled legal analytics solution trusted by global Fortune 1000 law departments.

Despite advances in technology, many large organizations face similar challenges in their corporate law departments. It is difficult to aggregate, reconcile and make sense of data that is stored across different systems, and often the required information resides in systems outside the law department. Building a custom solution in-house may be a quick fix, but it is not a sustainable solution for ensuring data quality, scalability and staying current with the latest industry benchmarks.

With decades of experience working with organizations across the legal vertical, we understand these challenges better than anyone. CounselCommand was developed to not only help corporate law departments reduce costs, but also to quickly and accurately respond to questions about the strategy and operations of the department.

CounselCommand is distinct in both its heritage and philosophy:

  • Service focus. Our unique services-first approach ensures active support of ongoing projects to help law departments continually pull answers out of data.
  • Data agnostic. The technology can ingest any form of data and report across multiple systems and categories (e.g., legal, financial, personnel, risk, IP, benchmarking, e-Discovery, contracts, etc.).
  • Enhances other technology. CounselCommand is complementary to ELM, billing, analytics and measurement tools, allowing organizations to get more value from existing investments.
  • Centralized command center. A highly configurable collection of answers to the most pressing law department questions, accessible in one place.
  • Expert cleaning. Unlike spreadsheets or other custom solutions, all CounselCommand source data is cleaned, filtered and curated by experienced legal technology experts.
  • Proactive insights. Easy-to-interpret visuals showcase the story behind the data to empower more strategic decision-making across the entire department and organization.