A flexible and cost-effective business model that rapidly evolves library services and delivers enhanced value.

Corporate clients are applying tremendous pressure on their law firms to deliver value — and law firms’ libraries and research centers are vital to value creation. Highly-tailored information solutions are increasingly required by firms to compete for new business, retain and grow existing clients, and increasingly add value to internal clients and stakeholders. Furthermore, modern library services must now integrate with competitive intelligence, marketing and business development initiatives, as well as support specialized practice groups and individual attorneys. Yet, traditional libraries’ budgets are under siege, digital content is proliferating, and many firms have limited capacity, expertise and budgets to effectively manage evolving internal and external stakeholder demands.

HBR’s industry-leading Research + Information Solutions (RIS) provide firms with proven pathways to optimize and improve content choices, gain quick access to talent where and when needed, assess and strategically reduce costs, and rapidly evolve modern library strategies — through careful, customized collaboration. By leveraging a deeply experienced team with expertise in legal research services, along with our proprietary technology platform, Spend Connect, HBR provides exemplary, modern research and information solutions to meet the demands of the new legal market. HBR’s RIS managed services are available as a fully outsourced library partnership or as a Research on Demand service offering.

Benefits of HBR’s RIS managed services:

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