Are You Paying Undetected Telecom Overcharges?

David Cram's latest blog post digs into the topic of telcom billing errors, with 85% of these errors in the carriers’ favor, resulting in significant credits due to customers who overpay.

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Succeeding in Today’s Data Center Landscape

Peter Cotseones' latest blog post focuses on key spending trends happening today in the data industry to help firms make the most of their IT strategy investments.

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E-discovery as a Business Process to Reduce Costs

Bobbi Basile's latest blog post discusses how corporate legal departments can better manage litigation spending by restructuring their e-discovery strategy.

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01.09.17  |  Information Governance Survey: 3 Things Organizations Can Do to Enhance Their IG Programs in 2017
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07.06.16  |  Are You Paying Undetected Telecom Overcharges?
04.13.16  |  Innovation Isn’t Just for Startups – How Traditional Law Firms Can Embrace Change
11.04.15  |  Keep Up With the Trends – Succeeding in Today’s Data Center Landscape
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09.30.15  |  Preventing Budget Season Migraines
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07.21.15  |  iManage Buyout from HP - The Next Chapter
06.23.15  |  5 Keys to Managing Telecom Expenses
06.04.15  |  Effective Expense Management Continues to be a Theme for Firms According to the Recently Released Citi Client Advisory Survey
05.20.15  |  E-Discovery: Meeting Client Demands through Advanced Technology
05.05.15  |  Protect Your Company's Reputation with Technology & Best Practices in Today's Complex E-Discovery Environment
03.23.15  |  Records Management and Security: A Relationship You Can’t Afford to Ignore
02.12.15  |  A Winning Strategy to Developing a Corporate Legal Hold Playbook
01.26.15  |  Buried in the Stacks: Uncovering and Conveying the Value of Your Law Library
01.09.15  |  E-Discovery Operations Trends: Learning to Walk Before You Run
12.17.14  |  Myth Busters: Addressing Five Common Procurement Misconceptions
12.02.14  |  Ten Take-Aways from Georgetown Law's Advanced eDiscovery Institute
11.06.14  |  Does your law firm consider innovation an opportunity or a challenge? It appears that the jury is still out for many COO & CFOs
11.04.14  |  ALM Nails It - Big Law's Reality Check
08.17.14  |  Why We Should Pay Attention to HP WorkSite @ILTA

11.18.16  |  Law Firms Must Improve Transparency and Efficiencies to Meet Changing Corporate Client Demands
11.01.16  |  Law Departments Continue the Journey Toward Operational Excellence, According to HBR Consulting LLC in Annual Survey Released Today
10.27.16  |  HBR Consulting LLC Continues Expansion of Its Procurement Solutions Offerings with Strategic Hire Lee Garbowitz
10.20.16  |  HBR Consulting LLC Continues Expansion of Services through Partnership with Third-Party Risk and Vendor Governance Expert, Linda Tuck Chapman
10.04.16  |  HBR Consulting Expands Its Information Governance Offerings with the Hiring of Laurie Fischer and a Team of Experts
03.29.16  |  HBR Continues to Reinforce Operational Expertise with the Expansion of Key Members of Leadership Team
12.10.15  |  In-House Counsel Compensation Increases For Third Straight Year According to HBR Consulting’s 2015 Law Department Survey
10.08.15  |  Annual HBR Law Department Survey Finds Only Moderate Increase in Total Legal Spending Worldwide Despite Major Increase in Organizations’ Legal Needs
07.17.15  |  HBR Consulting Continues Expansion of its Information and Technology Services by Adding Legal Consulting Industry Veteran, James Britt
06.16.15  |  HBR Consulting Continues Expansion of Law Department Services by Adding Legal Operations & Contracts Lifecycle Management Expert Wafik Guirgis
05.27.15  |  HBR Releases Results of Law Firm e-Discovery Strategy Survey
01.23.15  |  American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Releases Economic Value of Law Libraries Study
12.02.14  |  HBR Completes Pro Bono Project for Tahirih Justice Center
11.19.14  |  Compensation for All Levels of In-House Counsel is Increasing at a Modest Pace, Reports HBR Consulting's 2014 Law Department Survey
10.21.14  |  HBR Consulting Celebrates the One-Year Anniversary of its Procurement Outsourcing Program for Shearman & Sterling LLP
10.01.14  |  Total Legal Spending Up by 2 Percent Worldwide According to HBR Consulting's 2014 Law Department Survey
09.25.14  |  HBR Consulting Expands SpendConnect Platform by Introducing "SpendConnect Purchasing"
08.27.14  |  HBR Consulting Continues Expansion of Law Department Services by Adding Discovery Consulting Expert Bobbi Basile
08.18.14  |  HBR Consulting Announces Enhanced GPO Offering "Collectivity"; Hires Director - Frank E. Cargle, II
08.14.14  |  HBR Consulting Continues Expansion of Law Department Services by Adding Information Governance Consulting Expert Karen Hornbeck
08.05.14  |  HBR Consulting Signs Latham & Watkins as a Client of its SpendConnect Platform
02.26.14  |  The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Selects HBR Consulting to Conduct ROI Study
01.13.14  |  HBR Consulting Continues its Rapid Expansion by Naming James Rojas Managing Director & Corporate Development Officer
09.26.13  |  Total Legal Spending Up by 3 Percent Worldwide According to the 2013 HBR Law Department Survey
05.22.13  |  HBR Consulting Announces Hire of Kris Martin and Continues Growth in the Strategic Sourcing & Business Operations Practice
10.22.12  |  Outside Counsel Spending Down 12% in Chicago, According to 2012 HBR Law Department Survey

11.23.16  |   Tom Corey   |  Tips for Globalizing a U.S.-Based Records Retention Schedule
09.20.16  |   Raymond Fashola   |  Overhauling Law Firm Records Departments For A New Reality
04.12.16  |   Clay Fox   |  Why Law Firms Should Tackle Vendor Governance in 2016
04.04.16  |   Steve Falkin   |  How Law Firms Can Manage and Mitigate the Risks of Shadow IT
02.23.16  |   Terry Coan,  Jim Britt |  IT Security Isn't Just a Tech Issue, It's a Governance Issue
02.15.16  |   Terry Coan   |  How the Right Organisation and Technology Can Optimize New Business Intake
01.27.16  |   Terry Coan   |  4 Ways to Improve the Business Intake Process
12.04.15  |   Sharon Quaintance,  Jennifer Stakes |  Survey Reveals Need for Speed in Conflicts Clearing of Laterals, New Business
12.03.15  |   Terry Coan   |  Clear These Hurdles and Transform New Business Intake
04.06.15  |   Kevin Clem   |  Law Departments Find Increasing Value in the Use of Data Analytics
02.24.15  |   Lauren Chung   |  Law Department Spend
Tilting In-House
01.30.15  |   Erik Schmidt   |  A Compass for Connections - Charting Your Firm's Course Post-Merger
01.07.15  |   Lauren Chung   |  Secrets To In-House Cost Control
01.06.15  |   Kris Martin   |  How Does Your Law Firm Library Stack Up? - 5 Signs You Are Ready For The Future
12.29.14  |   Bobbi Basile   |  HBR Law Department Consulting EDiscovery Flash Results
12.02.14  |   Sharon Quaintance   |  Caution: Flaws Of The Attorney-To-Secretary Ratio
12.02.14  |   Senthil Rajakrishnan + Ryan Mittman  |  The Print Room: How to Spend Less and Get More
11.19.14  |   Lauren Chung   |  Becoming the ultimate wingman: Aligning your law department with the corporate mission (Part 3)
10.13.14  |   Colleen Scimeca   |  Becoming the ultimate wingman: Aligning your law department with the corporate mission (Part 2)
10.07.14  |   Monica Bay (LTN)   |  Sharon Quaintance: Behind the Glass
10.02.14  |   Mark Gerlach (LTN)   |  HBR Consulting Adds to SpendConnect
09.16.14  |   Marc Allen   |  Becoming the ultimate wingman: Aligning your law department with the corporate mission (Part 1)
06.16.14  |   Marc Allen   |  Beginning with The End in Mind - Defining and Measuring The Success of Law Department Improvement Initiatives
06.02.14  |   Colleen Scimeca   |  AFA programs: In name only or for true cost reduction?
05.05.14  |   Colleen Scimeca   |  Show me the outside counsel cost savings: The inside lawyers’ role in the business
04.21.14  |   Scott Springer   |  The Value of Data to The Rate Review Process
04.15.14  |   Kris Martin   |  Defining The New Law Department Library
04.07.14  |   Lauren Chung   |  Know How You Compare: The Importance of Law Department Benchmarks
02.15.14  |   Christopher Petrini-Poli + Scott Springer  |  Data Analytics - A New Approach to Profit Management in the Legal Business (page 3)
12.02.13  |   Raymond Fashola   |  Poor Information Management Exacerbates a Crisis
10.30.13  |   Lauren Chung   |  Legal Demand Is Up — How Are Law Departments Managing?
08.02.13  |   Matthew Sunderman  |  Effective Third Party Vendor Management & Back Office Integration Can Help Ensure Synergies of Law Firm Mergers Are Realized
05.15.13  |   Clay Fox + Adam Stoklosa  |  Procurement: The Hidden Path to Maximizing Profits
03.29.13  |   Christopher Ryan + Matthew Sunderman  |  Most Law Firm Mergers Fail to Realize Anticipated Results Because Firms Overlook
02.28.13  |   Matthew Sunderman  |  6 Areas Often Underestimated In Law
01.15.13  |   Lauren Chung  |  Law Department Benchmarking Surveys: How to Make Them Work Effectively for Your Company
11.15.11  |   Christopher Petrini-Poli  |  Law Firm Marketing: What's the ROI?

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